Biometric Screening Registration Instructions for Trilogy Home Office Employees

Biometric screening may be completed at home office or with your primary health provider.


  • Option 1) All eligible (Full-time, Part-time, Age 18+) Trilogy Health Services Home Office Employees should be screened within the first 60 days of employment process and once annually during our January/February Open Enrollment Biometric Screening events. Biometric Screenings are offered at least twice per month at the home office.  Sign up today, for the time that is most convenient for you.  Please be sure to select Trilogy Home Office Forum as location and under staff select Brooke Banet.  If you do not set these two specific items, you will not accurately set your appointment. Employees will not receive the Wellness Rate Discount on their weekly medical premiums until all steps are completed.
  • Option 2) Employees may use a recent healthcare provider visit to qualify for the biometric screening in Virgin Pulse (and as part of their Wellness Steps). At a minimum, the healthcare provider must include Height/Weight, Blood Pressure, Total Cholesterol, Glucose, and confirmation of nicotine use on the Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form. Print your Biometric Screening Verified Form from your Virgin Pulse account (duplicates will not be accepted) by logging into your VP account and selecting Benefits>Biometric Screening Verified Form. Be sure to complete Section 1 of the form, to include your Employee ID#. All biometric results must be 90 days or less to be accepted.


You can submit the form in three ways to Virgin Pulse. Please check your account within 7-10 business days to confirm your results were received and posted properly.

  • Option 1) PREFERRED: Load manually into the THS Biometric Software.  Provide your campus biometric screening team (SDC or ADHS) a copy of your VP Biometric Screening Verified Form. They will manually enter your results into the THS Biometric Software and return your form to you.  Takes up t 5 days to be applied to your VP account.
  • Option 2) Upload directly to your Virgin Pulse Account: Your completed Virgin Pulse Verified Biometric Screening Form can be uploaded by signing into your account, click on Support and select Submit a request. Then choose the appropriate form option from the drop-down menu and attach your form and submit. Takes up to 14 days to be applied to your VP account.
  • Option 3) Via Fax: 508-302-0055. Takes 14+ days to be applied to your VP account.

Follow the steps below to access the required Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form.

  1. Visit Virgin Pulse and log in to your personal account.
  2. Select Benefits.
  3. Select View All then scroll down and select Biometric Screening Verified Form.

Once the completed form is uploaded into your Virgin Pulse account, you will see this requirement marked Complete on your Rewards Statement. Please allow up to 14 days to post and show as Complete.

*Friends and family are not eligible to earn VP Points or Pulse Cash for biometric screenings.

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