Synchrony Rehab Elite locations and select Synchrony Pharmacy employees have two ways to submit their biometric screenings

Option 1: Submit a recent health provider visit (90 days or newer) on the Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form.

  • Follow the steps below to access the required Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form.
    1. Visit Virgin Pulse and log in to your personal account.
    2. Select Benefits.
    3. Select View All then scroll down and select Biometric Screening Verified Form.

    Login to your Virgin Pulse Account

    Once the completed form is uploaded into your Virgin Pulse account, you will see this requirement marked Complete on your Rewards Statement. Please allow up to 14 days to post and show as Complete.

How to submit your Virgin Pulse Biometric Screening Verified Form

You can submit the form in two ways to Virgin Pulse. Please check your account within 7-10 business days to confirm your results were received and posted properly.

  • Option 1) PREFERRED: Upload directly to your Virgin Pulse Account: Your completed Virgin Pulse Verified Biometric Screening Form can be uploaded by signing into your account, click on Support and select Submit a request. Then choose the appropriate form option from the drop-down menu and attach your form and submit. Takes up to 14 days to be applied to your VP account.
  • Option 2) Via Fax: 508-302-0055. Takes 14+ days to be applied to your VP account.

*Friends and family are not eligible to earn VP Points or Pulse Cash for biometric screenings.

Option 2: Visit a Labcorp facility for biometric screening venipuncture with cotinine using the e-Health registration process below to create your lab order.

e-Health Biometric Screening Registration Instructions for Synchrony RehabElite Employees and Synchrony Pharmacy Employees:

  1. Returning Users: If you completed a prior Labcorp biometric screening, you may already have an account in e-Health.  Visit the  e-Health Screenings website and enter the username and password you previously created.  You may need to select “Forgot Password” to reset your password.  Once your password is reset,  log in using your username and the new password provided via email. Enter screening key HWS112 and select “Schedule A Screening.” Don’t forget to update your password and review your account profile to ensure the correct email address is on file. Your appointment voucher will be emailed to you.
  2. First Time Users: Once inside the e-Health-Screenings website, select “Register now” within the red “Not yet registered?” box. Enter the Screening Key HWS112 and select “Register” again.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen to create a username and password
    1. The default username consists of your first initial, last initial and date of birth. Username is case sensitive.
    2. The default password consists of your last name and last four digits of your social security number. Passwords are case sensitive.
    3. Once registered, go to “Update Account” section and enter a new username and password and select “Register”.
    4. Click on “Schedule a Screening” and enter your zip code to locate the nearest LabCorp facility.

Remember: If you have previously registered, please log in with your username and password and then enter Screening Key HWS112 under “Schedule a Screening” on the left side of the page.  Select “Click to Select”.

  1. Accept the Health Screening Consent and HIPAA Authorization forms by checking the “I agree” box located at the bottom of each consent. In the Signature section enter your first & last name and dates, then click “Proceed to Confirmation.”
  2. Prepare for your visit. Your information will be sent directly to LabCorp. Be sure to bring the following:
    1. Valid photo ID.
    2. Please fast (no food or beverages, except water) for 9 hours before your appointment. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Continue to take any prescription medications. If you are diabetic, please consult your physician before fasting.

For any questions, please call e- Health Screenings Customer Service Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM CST at 888-708-8807, ext. 1.

*Please allow up to two weeks to see your LabCorp biometric results inside your Virgin Pulse account.

Register for your Labcorp Biometric Screening

Log in to your Virgin Pulse Account

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