Struggling with Diabetes?

10% of the US Population has Diabetes. Diabetes can have devastating consequences on your health over time. Diabetes raises your risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and chronic wounds. Here are some things that you can do to prevent diabetes or manage it if you already have it:

· Exercise: it lowers your blood sugar, improves your blood pressure and heart health. It can even help your mental health!

· Diet: Avoid refined sugars and carbohydrates. Go for vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Plant-based is usually best.

· Check your blood sugars regularly and take your medications as prescribed by your doctor.

· The most common place for chronic wounds to start is…you guessed it…your feet! Inspect your feet daily for small cuts that could turn into big trouble.

· Reduce your stress: managing your mental health can help you manage your diabetes. The stress hormone, cortisol, raises your blood sugars and can make them more difficult to manage.

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And remember, Trilogy is here to help! Virta is an evidence-based program that helps participants lose weight and manage their blood sugars. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Virta?

Virta is a medically supervised, research-backed treatment that reverses type 2 diabetes, meaning that patients can lower their blood sugar and A1c, all while reducing diabetes medications and losing weight.  Trilogy Health Services is fully covering the cost of Virta for all benefits-enrolled employees and dependents with type 2 diabetes or prediabetes.

Who’s eligible?

Virta Health is offered to Anthem members including ages 18+ (employees, spouses, and dependents) with diabetes or pre-diabetes. Eligible employees do not need to have a BMI of 30.0 or greater to participate.

You don’t have to take medications, count calories, starve yourself, or exercise a ton to beat type 2 diabetes or prediabetes. Virta can help you reverse these using the research-backed combination of nutritional ketosis, medical supervision, and one-on-one health coaching.

How does Virta work?

Virta uses nutritional ketosis to naturally lower blood sugar and turn the body into a fat-burning machine. There is NO surgery, required exercise, or calorie counting on Virta.

With Virta’s personalized treatment plan, each patient gets medical supervision from a physician-led care team, a one-on-one health coach, diabetes testing supplies, educational tools like videos and recipes, and a private online support community.

Virta provides around-the-clock monitoring and care—there are no waiting rooms and no lines. With an easy-to-use mobile and desktop app, Virta can be done from anywhere.

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Here’s What Our Employees are Saying about Virta

“I have been on Virta for six months. In that time, I have lost at total of 25 lbs. lowered my sugar levels and the level of fat in my liver. I was not able to lose weight on the diets I had tried before or manage my sugar even walking 3 to 5 miles a day which is my normal average of walking per day with my job.  On the Virta diet I have found that I have more energy and my joints don’t ache so much either. I was worried that I would have to go on medications. Now I feel I can manage my weight and glucose levels with diet through Virta. Thank you, Trilogy, for offering Virta to your employees.”

~Ann, Glen Oaks Health Campus


“I have just completed 6 months on the Virta program. I have lost 21 pounds and although I wish it were more, my Virta coach is very pleased. The bigger improvement for me is I have successfully cut my insulin needs significantly. Prior to Virta I was on 144-154 units of insulin daily. Currently I am on 50-58 unites of insulin daily. How exciting is that?! My primary goal entering this program was to eliminate the need for insulin and I feel very hopeful that I will achieve that goal. My personal interactions with my Virta health coach and primary provider have been extremely positive. This program has been one of the best experiences of my life and I have better outcomes in six months than in many years of doctor appointments and following traditional advice that never seemed to work. Thank you, Trilogy, for making this program available to me, I am sincerely grateful.”

~Catherine, Shelby Crossing Health Campus


I want to thank my benefits team for allowing me to participate in Virta Health! I have gone from blood sugars of 500 to 600 down to 140 to 240. I have tons more energy! My feet and hands no longer hurt and the 2 diabetic ulcers on my feet are healing. I have so much more energy at work and feel so much more productive. My sleeping has improved immensely! I truly hope that this can be a continued benefit for Trilogy employees especially diabetics. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart!


I honestly never thought I would be able to lose weight or get my blood sugars where they need to be. My amazing health coach has been there for me through the good, the bad, and the ugly. She talked me down as I cried over not being able to have mashed potatoes. Thank you so much for giving me this amazing gift of my health. I work for the greatest company!


Thank you so much for choosing me for Virta Health. I really appreciate the fact that you are concerned about me and my health.


Thank you again. Your caring spirit will never be forgotten.


Thank you for taking time for helping me get on track.


I admit that the stress has been incredible given I am leading a COVID Positive facility and have had exactly 2 days off in the last 4 weeks and the days off ….. trust me I was not off really but … Verta may have saved my life!  I don’t mean to be dramatic but it has totally worked for me – I have lost over 40 pounds so far – and that is in just 12 weeks – unheard of for me… plus the bio markers are improving  – I really wish I could get some blood work done to really see what is happening but initially I happened to get some lab work just 4 weeks after starting verta and from January 11th to Feb 12th my Total cholesterol went from 142 to 123 and my circumference at the time went down 11 inches  Fasting BS dropped from 174 to 161 the first month but last week Verta summary stated it was down to 146!!!  This is crazy talk with almost no insulin.   All short acting insulin was deleted right out of the gate and my long acting insulin was cut in half.  So week over week I see progress in my blood sugar numbers.   I have remained in Ketosis since day 2, have followed the program like a manic and it is working.  I admit I totally miss some comfort foods and lately that has been a huge struggle – but I committed and I am good to my word.  I hope the others saw the same success as I did – I would love to know.  Thank you for this opportunity  – and I pray I continue to have access to the program post pilot. —Karen Monday, Shelby Crossing Health Campus


Thank You Trilogy for caring about me, as your employee! Virta has helped me to take charge of my health! What a change in how I’m feeling!! I have so far lost about 15 or 16 pounds. I was able to go off my diabetic meds within a couple weeks of following the program. The support given by the Virta team makes such a difference! We are not alone in our battles. I’m so thankful to Trilogy for providing such a life changing opportunity that otherwise I would never had found!! Cheers to better health!


Additional Information

The Virta treatment includes:

  • Medical Supervision: a metabolic health specialist (doctor, nurse, PA) who provides continuous medical supervision, check-ups, and safe medication reductions
  • Personal, 1-on-1 Health Coach: a nutrition and behavior expert who answers questions and helps you form better habits
  • Tools for Biomarker Feedback: supplies needed to measure blood glucose, ketones, weight, and more, which helps Virta personalize your treatment
  • Mobile and Desktop App: an easy-to-use mobile and desktop app for immediate access to care
  • On-Demand Resources: a structured online curriculum of videos and games, a library of guides, recipes, and food options for any dietary preference
  • Private Virta Community: a positive, moderated environment where you can connect with other Virta patients to find support and share tips


  • (6 min) How Virta Works – Overview of the science behind Virta, an explanation of type 2 diabetes, and how Virta’s reversal treatment works
  • (1 min) How Virta Works – Short
  • (10 min) A Day in the Life – Narrated by Virta’s Head of Clinical Education, see what patients experience as they go about a typical day while on the Virta treatment
  • (2 min) Reversing Type 2 Diabetes with Virta Health – See what our patients say about the results that they have achieved in reversing type 2 diabetes through Virta

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