How to complete the Wellness Steps:

  1. Register with Virgin Pulse if you haven’t already; complete the Health Check Survey and set up your Healthy Habits.
  2. Complete and Submit your Biometric Screening to Virgin Pulse. This can be completed with your primary care physician or with a LabCorp facility by using a recent (6 months or less). At a minimum, your screening must contain height, weight, blood pressure, fasting glucose and total cholesterol, and confirmation of nicotine/tobacco use.
    1. If you choose to complete your screening with your PCP
      1. You can use a recent (6 months or less) blood work from your healthcare provider or schedule a general wellness exam to receive annual blood work from your PCP.
      2. Your results will need to be recorded on the Biometric Screening Form.
        1. To locate the Biometric Screening Form, log on to your Virgin Pulse Account>Benefits>View All>Biometric Screening Verified Form>Start Now. Please be sure your healthcare provider designates whether you are a nicotine (tobacco) user on the bottom right-hand corner of the form. Submission instructions are located on the top of the form.
    2. If you choose to complete your screening at a LabCorp facility
      1. Instructions for scheduling this appointment are available at TrilogyFIT. Employees cannot walk into a LabCorp facility without generating a lab order using the e-Health Link. LabCorp Instructions:
        *Please allow up to two weeks to see your LabCorp biometric results inside your Virgin Pulse account.
  3. Be tobacco/nicotine-free OR complete the Clickotine Tobacco Cessation Program (~8 weeks). If you test as nicotine free during your biometric screening or your physician marks you as nicotine free and these results are submitted through Virgin Pulse, this step is complete. If you are not nicotine free, please see the information below on how you can get started on your quit journey.

Get Started with Clickotine

Download the Clickotine app on a smartphone (iPhone or Android device)

Once the app is downloaded, swipe right to reach the ‘Get Started’ page

Enter the 6-digit Clickotine Client ID code:

  • HDFRFF for employees enrolled in the Trilogy Health Services medical plan
  • 545371 for employees NOT enrolled in the Trilogy Health Services medical plan

Complete the registration process and begin your quit journey.

Once you complete the Clickotine program, you will be awarded “Nicotine-Free Status” in Virgin Pulse. Please allow up to 4 weeks for this result to be credited on Virgin Pulse. The Clickotine program is only available via smart phone. Please contact us at if you do not have a smart phone or have any questions.

Earn Rewards with Virgin Pulse. The More You Do, the More You Earn.

It’s easy to earn rewards by making healthy decisions. Choose your healthy activities and watch your rewards add up. The more you do, the more you’ll earn—up to $300 in Pulse Cash for all part time and full time employees(18+). Look under How to Earn for a complete list of all the ways you can earn points. Simply download the Virgin Pulse mobile app and register using company name Trilogy Health Services. You may also register directly at

Getting the most from Virgin Pulse!

Virgin Pulse is Trilogy’s wellness partner.  All part-time and full-time employees can earn up to $300 annually by tracking their activity and sleep, participating in Journeys and challenges, inviting up to 10 friends and family, and more!  Simply download the Virgin Pulse mobile app and register using company name Trilogy Health Services.  You may also register directly at

Virgin Pulse Enrollment Guide

Virgin Pulse Registration via Mobile App

Virgin Pulse Connect Your Devices

Ways to Earn


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