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Well-Being Ambassadors receive TrilogyFIT swag! If you are energetic, passionate about employee wellness, and have a desire to help your co-workers consider joining our TrilogyFIT team!

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We love our Awesome Ambassadors!

Do you know, or are you, a campus Well-being Ambassador that goes above and beyond to promote well-being at your campus?  Are they/you your campus cheerleader that encourages everyone to make healthier choices and leads by example (LBE)?  We want to recognize them with $10 VP Cash and let everyone else know how awesome they are.  A new winner will be selected each quarter. Simply complete the Awesome Ambassador application link below.

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Awesome Ambassadors for Quarter 3!

Angela Greenwell is our Awesome Ambassador for this quarter! She was selected due to the great example she sets for fellow ambassadors and her commitment to health and wellness!

Here are some of the great things Angela’s coworkers are saying about her:

“Angela made it her mission to increase the number of teammates completing biometric screening. Not because it is a pillar goal or to save people money on insurance premiums, but because she knew that the pandemic has greatly reduced the frequency of doctor visits for primary/preventive care. She wanted to make sure our team members “know there numbers” to help them make decisions on their journey of good health.
Angela has always been a promoter of wellness. She is the loudest cheerleader for participating in VP challenges and use of the app to promote health.”

Watch the video below to see even more of the work done by Awesome Ambassadors! Two of our past winners set up vaccine clinics to promote the safety of their campus and its residents. Click here to see just how exciting being a Well-Being Ambassador can be!

Tyera’s Transformation

Left: Tyera spars with a resident. Right: Tyera's Transformation!

Left: Tyera spars with a resident. Right: Tyera's Transformation!

Tyera is a part of our Trilogy Wellness team at Senior Living at Forest Ridge. Her wellness journey began in high school and has evolved ever since. Recently Tyera became a blue belt in Jujitsu and she also teaches fitness classes with the residents teaching them MMA moves. Thank you Tyera for being an inspiration for us as well as our residents.


Does your campus have a Wellness Board?

Campus ambassadors are encouraged to keep and update a Wellness Board in the employee break room. What should you include?

  • A picture of your wellness team as well as contact information
  • This month’s health observance(s)
  • A challenge going on within your campus
  • Social media ‘Follow Us!’ document
  • Get creative! Any wellness information you think would be beneficial to your campus employees! Maybe a recipe section?

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