Wellbeing Champ Purpose

The purpose of the Wellbeing Champs is to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and increase awareness of wellness offerings at every location. It seeks to: Create an environment for employees to share ideas on promoting a culture of wellbeing through resources and programs. Act as key promoters and communicators of wellbeing by supporting policies, systems and environments that support a well workplace. Support a healthy, inclusive, and engaging culture of wellbeing at every location. Recognize and highlight both individual and location efforts to create a healthy workplace. Trilogy strives to create a workplace where employees feel engaged and valued, making it the best healthcare company in the Midwest. Support for employee wellbeing by the champs can engage and inspire the workplace. This speaks directly to The Great Places to Work survey , “people care about each other here.”

Wellbeing Defined

When planning programs and events that will support employee’s wellbeing we want to consider the six dimensions of wellness to build a holistic sense of wellbeing.

  • Physical – embracing our need for physical activity, healthy foods and sleep
  • Emotional – coping effectively with life’s challenges, managing stress and building our inner strength
  • Spiritual – expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Environmental – creating and occupying positive, stimulating environments that support our well-being
  • Social – developing our sense of connection, belonging and well-developed support systems
  • Intellectual – nurturing our creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills (Samhsa.gov)


  • Champ Recruitment and Selection Process; April and May.
  • Must be a Full-Time Employee
  • Champ Hand-off- Current champ works with new incoming champ during the month of May.
  • Each champ will serve a one year term; June 1 – May 31.


  • Announce your role as a wellbeing champion to your department using the templates provided or on your own.
  • Support the wellbeing program to achieve the larger company mission and goals.
  • Communicate wellbeing program challenges and initiatives at your location through Red E apps, bulletin boards, social media, word of mouth, and through meetings and gatherings like ER3s.
  • Lead by example by practicing healthy behaviors.
  • Encourage fellow employees to engage in the wellbeing efforts.
  • Maintain communication with location leaders regarding activities related to being a Wellbeing Champ.
  • Identify potential employee success stories or positive moments to recognize and/or learn from future programs/initiatives
  • Serve as a trusted source for collecting feedback and input from your location
  • Assist in wellbeing program improvement and development by providing appropriate feedback.



  • Provides motivation to stay committed to personal health and wellbeing goals.
  • Allows for networking in a community of other wellbeing champions.
  • Enhance communication and planning skills.


  • 79.9% of employees whose employers offer wellbeing programs feel like their employer truly cares about them1
  • Employers lose about $1,685 per employee due to productivity losses related to personal and family health
  • 87% of employees said they consider health and wellbeing offerings when choosing an employer3

Methods of Communication

From TrilogyFit

  • Email (provided in application)
  • Red E App group
  • Virgin Pulse Social Group
  • TrilogyFIT website (Wellbeing Champ Tab)

Within your Division

  • Work with your division to share ideas and create opportunities to support employee wellbeing using the Wellbeing Champ listing found on Red E app and on TFIT website

At your location

  • Social media posts (1 time per month)
  • Morning Meeting
  • ER3’s

Benefits Guide

Our Benefits Guide contains a full listing of all that is available as well as who is eligible for the various benefits and programs. This is posted at TrilogyFIT under Health Benefits and on Red E app – Resources – Your Benefits.

Monthly Observance Calendar

JanuaryCervical Cancer Awareness Month, Blood Donor Month
FebruaryAmerican Heart Month
MarchNational Nutrition Month, Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
AprilNational Stress Awareness Month, Alcohol Awareness Month, Eye Health and Safety Month
MayWomen's Health Month, Stroke Awareness Month, Mental Health Month, Global Employee Health and Fitness Month
JuneMen's Health Month
JulyUV Safety Month
AugustImmunization Awareness Month, National Breastfeeding Month
SeptCholesterol Education Month, Prostate Cancer Awareness Month
OctoberCancer Awareness Month - General and Breast Cancer Awareness Month
NovemberDiabetes Awareness Month
DecemberNational Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Monthly Wellbeing Champ Content

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